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Bank of Ireland officially opened the doors of its new state of the art Group Customer Contact Centre in Tallaght in 2008. This was a result of the Group’s development of a new office location at the Arena Complex, which now houses over 500 staff in a purpose built modern office.  The new premises also provides additional accommodation to support further growth in the business.

Replace Existing Hand Dryers!

In 2015, the Bank of Ireland maintenance department contacted ATC seeking assistance and advice on hand dryers to replace the existing inefficient high wattage (2400Watts) traditional hand dryers that take over 40 seconds to dry hands that had been installed in 2008.

The main objectives were to acquire hand dryers that dry hands quickly and hygienically, with low maintenance that offered a low energy output.

The maintenance personnel were shown several options however it was agreed that the ATC Panther Hand Dryer would probably be most suitable as it is Fast drying, Energy Efficient, Robust and low maintenance with a 5 Year  Warranty. 

They liked the aesthetics of the hand dryer and were very impressed with the variable power output between 350Watts to 1600Watts which did not affect the fast drying time of 12-15 seconds. It is also fitted with an ERP regulated PCB which means that the power usage is less than 0.02 Watts when in standby mode.

Greenspec Listed

It was also pointed out that the Panther Hand Dryer is Green spec Listed. This means the product meets stringent standards for energy efficiency and recyclability. Using Green spec products in your facility is a great way to show that you are serious about prioritising sound ecological stewardship. 

Panther Hand Dryer Exceeds Expectations

After a one month trial period, the Panther had exceeded the expectations of the personnel carrying out the trial and was deemed to be the preferred hand dryer solution for these busy washrooms.

Customer Testimonial

“Since we installed the Panther Hand Dryers the feedback has been very positive from the staff using the hand dryers, as well as from our facilities and maintenance personnel.

As part of our environmental policy, we are committed to reducing our  carbon footprint and we are delighted that the Panthers form part of the energy efficient products we have installed in the building to assist us reach our objective.

We have no hesitation in recommending the Panther Hand dryers for busy washrooms in all commercial environments.” Bank of Ireland Procurement Manager


In November 2015, the order was placed for 44 Panther Stainless Steel Hand Dryers for installation at the Bank of Ireland, Group Customer Contact Centre. The Panther has also been selected as the preferred Hand dryer to be installed in the washrooms across the Bank of Ireland branch network.

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