ATC Eco Blade Hand Dryers:
Creagh Medical


Established in 2006 in the west of Ireland, Creagh Medical is an innovative developer and manufacturer of PTA balloon catheters. Creagh Medical’s facility is purpose-built and equipped to the highest standard.

Client Requirements

Varming Consulting Engineers were commissioned to design the electrical services installations for Creagh Medical’s facility. They contacted ATC to assist in recommending the most suitable energy efficient hand dryer which also met the client’s criteria.

Creagh Medical required a high speed hand dryer for the facility washrooms that was energy efficient and hygienic. It was also important to keep noise levels to a minimum at the facility which meant a requirement for a hand dryer with a low decibel rating.

Creagh Medical also required a solution which would ensure that no water would be pooling on the ground around the hand dryer or in the channel of the hand dryer.

ATC Support and Solution

Our technical team worked alongside Varming Consulting Engineers and the M/E Contractor to ensure the best possible hand dryer solution was chosen.

The ATC Eco Blade was determined to be the best hand dryer for Creagh Medical. Also, it is the only hand dryer to meet the British Standards Institute award for Energy Efficiency and is Green Spec Listed.  

The client chose the Eco Blade Hand Dryer due to its key benefits: 

  • Unique Ceramic Pad and Drain Tray
    • Eliminates water pooling on and around the Dryer
  • Hepa Filter
    • To clean the air going through the Dryer
  • Anti-Bacterial Cover
    • To kill bacteria on the Dryer
  • Low Energy Consumption
    • 350W without Heat
    • 1550W with Heat
  • Rapid Drying Time
    • 15 Seconds


Quantity 10 x ECOBLADE-22 Round hand dryers were installed on site.

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