ATC Eco Blade Hand Dryers:


Google is not a company that requires much introduction or explanation. The internet and tech giant first opened its EMEA headquarters in Dublin in 2003 with 100 employees.

The Background

In 2014 Google carried out a refurbishment of their Barrow Street office which is one of four properties based in Dublin’s historic dockland area. Google required the most innovative and energy efficient hand-dryer for the washroom element of the refurbishment. The facility manager at Google contacted ATC to make presentation on the most suitable hand dryers we would recommend for their state of the art facilities.

The facility manager confirmed that they wanted a high speed hand dryer that was energy efficient and hygienic. It was also very important to Google to find a solution which would ensure that no water would be pooling on the ground around the hand dryer or in the channel of the hand dryer.

The Eco Blade has an patented innovative absorbent ceramic pad which prevents water overflow and therefore provides this solution.

During demonstration by ATC, it was shown that the ceramic pad would absorb the water and eliminates pooling on the floor. Google were also impressed with the Eco Blade from a hygiene point of view, in that hands did not touch any part of the product during the drying process and that it is fitted with a Filter Assembly.

The Filter Assembly comprises of a HEPA Filter, Anti-bacterial Filter and a Carbon Filter which eliminates over 99% of any present bacteria. Basically you are drying your hands in ‘Clean’ air.


Google were very impressed by the ATC Eco-Blade and were satisfied that the product met all of their rigorous requirements. An order for 125 units was received for the Eco-Blade hand dryers for the washrooms at Grand Canal Square. They are also specified for the washrooms at the newly refurbished data centre in Barrow Street.

The ATC Eco Blade is the Only Hand Dryer to meet the British Standards Institute award for Energy Efficiency and is also Green Spec Listed.

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