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Holiday Home - ATC Sun Ray Wi-fi radiator

How ATC’s Sun Ray Wi-Fi radiator put the comfort back into the Keane’s holiday home getaway

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We own a holiday home in the west of Ireland, comprising of three bedrooms, a living area and a kitchen. The house is 15 years old and has always had storage heaters in the kitchen and living area, and panel heaters in the bedrooms.

It’s so lovely to be able to get away to enjoy the comforts of the holiday home for a few days, but whenever we visited in the Winter months it was so cold and not at all comforting for the first few hours, as the heaters would take ages to start working. We also noticed damp issues forming in some areas, and were constantly worried that if we didn’t visit regularly during the Winter, our pipes would have frozen over!


We installed ATC Sun Ray Wi‐Fi radiators throughout the house in late 2017 and are delighted with the results.


Very simple to use and highly effective. As we travel down regularly, but often without schedule, it has been a real lifesaver being able to turn the radiators on from our mobile phone and have the rooms heated for our arrival. The peace of mind we have now too, knowing that despite the recent Winter storms, frost & snow, that our home would be safe from bursting pipes at the touch of a button with the frost protection setting, is incredibly reassuring too.

ATC Sun Ray Wi-fi Radiator


This is a beautifully designed radiator. It slots neatly onto the wall, and does not take away from the atmosphere of the room, but adds to it. It is so slim, it can be fitted anywhere and at any height which helps to heat the room more evenly.

Cost Effectiveness:

Traditional heating systems mean having the heating on at regular intervals and daily ‐ a particularly a high cost when we are not always in the home. Being able to turn it on and off remotely and exactly when we need it, has saved us an enormous amount on our energy bills.

ATC Sun Ray Wi-Fi Control Pack

ATC Sun Ray Wi-fi Radiator appHeating:

One of the locations that we have a radiator in is a back bedroom which gets little light. This was always regarded as the coldest room in the house but now the room never seems cold, even when the heater is switched off! It keeps the room at an even temperature so whenever it goes below this, the heater bumps-up the warm feel in the room. A lifelong pain solved!

 -Eleanor Keane, a happy customer who installed ATC Sun Ray WiFi radiators in her holiday home in late 2017


To find out more about the capabilities and ease of use of the Sun Ray Wi-fi radiator, view demonstration videos here.

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