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The National University of Ireland, Maynooth consists of two connected campuses; an older south campus with 19th century buildings, shared with St Patrick’s College, and a modern north campus, occupying circa 100 acres. With around 8,800 registered students, it is Ireland’s smallest, yet fastest growing university.

Client Requirements

JV Tierney & Co. Consulting Engineers were commissioned to update the mechanical and electrical services in the north campus. They contacted ATC to assist in recommending the most suitable energy efficient hand dryer which also met the client’s criteria.

The university required a high speed hand dryer for the washrooms in the north campus that were energy efficient, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. It was also important that the hand dryer had a HEPA filter.

Another important criteria was to ensure that no water would be pooling on the ground around the hand dryer or in the channel of the hand dryer.

There was also a requirement for a number of wheelchair friendly hand dryers for the wheelchair accessible washrooms on campus.


Based on the client’s criteria, ATC recommended the Premium Blade Hand Dryer and the Eco Blade Hand Dryer.

Premium Blade Hand Dryer

The ATC Premium Blade Hand Dryer was chosen as it is Elegant, Hygienic and Energy Efficient. The HEPA filter and no touch operation of the Premium Blade Hand Dryer makes it more hygienic than conventional hand dryers. The Drain Tray will also prevent water from pooling on the ground beneath the Dryers.

Eco Blade Hand Dryer

For the wheelchair accessible washrooms, the ATC Eco Blade Hand Dryer was the best solution. The Eco Blade Hand Dryer is Greenspec Listed and is the only electric hand dryer that is Carbon Footprint Certified by the British Standards Institute.

The Eco Blade hand dryer has a unique ceramic pad which prevents the problem of water overflow and the Eco Blade’s unique design makes it very accessible for wheelchair users.


Quantity 14 x Premium Blade Hand Dryers and 4 x Eco Blade Hand Dryers were installed.

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