ATC Blade Hand Dryers:
Tayto Park


Tayto Park is a hugely popular theme park, located in County Meath. The park was opened in November 2010. Tayto Park hosts a variety of activities suitable for all ages. With over 450,000 visitors each year, and growing, it is important that all facilities at Tayto Park are of the highest standard.

ATC demonstrated the ATC Blade Hand Dryer to Tayto Park in 2010, after a  review the Blade Hand Dryer was deemed to be the preferred hand dryer solution for these busy washrooms.

An order was placed for quantity 24 ATC Blade Hand Dryers and the units installed have exceeded all expectations in such a busy and high usage area.

Blade Hand Dryers are the Preferred Solution

In 2015 Tayto Park underwent a major redevelopment which included building new washrooms on the site. Due to the success of the ATC Blade Hand Dryers installed in 2010, it was decided to install an additional 16 x ATC Blade Hand Dryers in the new washrooms.

The client has chosen the Blade Hand  Dryer again due to its key benefits:  

Energy Efficient with Low Running Costs

  • 975 Watts without Heat
  • 1975 Watts with Heat 

Powerful Airflow

  • Dries Hands in 10 – 15 Seconds 

More Hygienic

  • No touch Operation 

Quiet Operation

  • 73 dB (at 1m) 

Drip Tray

  • To prevent excess water on the ground


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