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Dublin International Airport is one of the Europe’s busiest Airports with over 20 million passengers passing through each year. Dublin became a two-terminal facility in 2010, when Terminal 2 (T2) opened to a great deal of fanfare and expectation. This terminal is a sleek and modern building offering passengers an enjoyable experience before transferring to their flight. Terminal 1 (T1) is the original airport building but is currently being upgraded to the same level of comfort and design as Terminal 2.

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA)

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) are the owners and operators of Dublin and Cork Airports in Ireland. They are a long time in business and are dedicated to offering a world class service and to providing a quality airport experience to the best international standards to all their customers. A quality airport experience encompasses many different aspects, but it is essential that the washrooms are modern, clean, hygienic and efficient.

The DAA recognise that due to the high level of passenger traffic passing through T1 and T2, it is essential that the washrooms are equipped with the most robust, energy efficient and fast drying hand dryers available.

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The DAA set clear and important criteria for their evaluation of Hand Dryers in the washrooms at T1 and T2. They decided that the Hand Dryers must be: Robust, Energy Efficient, Dry Hands in 12 seconds in a very High Usage environment and have a Long life.

As part of the hand dryer evaluation process, the DAA installed two ATC Panther High Speed Hand Dryers on a trial period of 12 months in one of the busiest washrooms located in the retail area. During this trial period, these hand dryers were continuously monitored and used non-stop throughout the day.

After this trial period, the Panther met the criteria and exceeded expectations and was deemed to be the preferred hand dryer solution for these busy washrooms going forward.

The Panther was chosen as it is the most robust and energy efficient hand dryer on the market. The Panther is the only hand dryer that is supplied with an ERP regulated PCB which means that the hand dryer uses less than 0.02 watts when it is standby power mode. The Panther also provides a 5 Year Long Life Warranty.


In excess of 300 Panther High Speed Hand Dryers have been installed in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and the passenger experience in the washrooms has been enhanced.

The Panther range of High Speed Hand Dryers is ideal for high usage location such as Airports, Shopping Centres, Fast Food Restaurants and Sports Stadia.

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