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Dublin International Airport is one of the Europe’s busiest airports with approximately 30 million passengers passing through each year. In 2010, Dublin became a two-terminal facility, when Terminal 2 (T2) opened to a great deal of fanfare and expectation. This terminal is a sleek and modern building, offering passengers an enjoyable experience before transferring to their flight, complimenting the already busy Terminal 1 (T1).

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) are the owners and operators of both Dublin and Cork Airports in Ireland. They are a long time in business, dedicated to offering a world class service and to providing a quality airport experience to the best international standards for all their customers.


A quality airport experience encompasses many different aspects, but it was deemed an essential requirement that the washrooms and the equipment within them adhered to certain attributes, fit for the new modern terminal and its significant footfall. The new fittings would have to be:

  • Robust; capable of dealing with the considerable volume of passengers over a lengthy period of time
  • Energy efficient; in order to minimise the carbon footprint outlay of the airport & keep costs down
  • Quick to use; an important requirement for these passengers in transit


As part of a trial, necessary for such a large and crucial project, two ATC Panther High Speed Hand Dryers were installed in one of the busiest washrooms in the retail area of T2.

Output, efficiency & feedback were measured on the performance of the hand-dryers over this 12-month trial and, as a result, ATC were delighted to be offered the contract for the installation of over 300 Panther High Speed Hand Dryers across both terminals of the airport.


Commenting on the performance of the Panther in the trial, the DAA were impressed with its ability in matching and exceeding the key criteria set out for the development of the washrooms.

The robust nature of the unit shone through when being used by millions of hands during its 12-month trial period with no issues whatsoever, with the confidence ATC have in the product emphasized by the 5-year long-life warranty that comes with it.

The Energy Efficiency of the Panther was second to none, as the only hand dryer that is supplied with an ERP regulated PCB, which means that the hand dryer uses less than 0.02 watts when it is standby power mode. The DAA found this beneficial from both an eco-friendly and cost-saving point of view.

Its speed of use pleased the authority too, meaning that passengers hands were dry within 12 seconds. Perfect for those already running late for their flight!

The Panther has yet again shown its capabilities as the best performing hand dryer in high-footfall locations on the market, perfect for applications and high performance across Airports, Shopping Centres, Fast Food Restaurants and Sports Stadia.

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