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C Range Surface Air Curtain

Aldi have recently opened a new store in the busy suburb of Terenure in South Dublin. The new store is Aldi’s 17th store in Dublin, and brings the total number of Aldi stores in Ireland to 118.

Speaking at the store opening, manager Audrius Ciutys said: “We are delighted to open our new Terenure store and look forward to welcoming many new customers from the local area. “Each Aldi store we have opened so far has been a fantastic success and we are looking forward to serving the local community.”

A Thermoscreens C Range Surface Air Curtain, specified and supplied by ATC, was installed as part of this new build project. Positioned over the main entrance door, this air curtain creates comfort by helping promote the perfect environment whether warm, cool or ambient.

Why have Aldi chosen Thermoscreens C Range Air Curtains

The Thermoscreens C Range of air curtains promote significant cost savings and are easy to install and maintain. They are a simple and cost effective solution for a comfortable environment.

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