Vort Penta Central Extract System

Central Extractor Fan System for Continuous ventilation of Apartments or Houses with a Kitchen and up to 5 Wet Rooms such as bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms. Splash proof IPX4.

The Vort Penta is a multi-room continuous extraction system providing highly efficient and low cost ventilation. The unit is typically located in lofts, ceiling Voids or cupboards. Energy efficient, 21watts on low speed and 73watts on boost this system is exceptionally quiet. Ideal for apartments and houses. 

This unit is unique in that it extracts from the kitchen and up to 5 wet rooms such as bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms. The unit is supplied with two air regulators as standard so when the ducts are fitted the airflow distribution is balanced automatically.

The Penta MEV has IMQ (Italian Mark of Quality) Third Party Certification for EN 13141-6 compliance.  The 2006 Edition of the UK Building Regulations Approved Document F1: Means of Ventilation states that the performance requirements of fans must be assessed and verified to meet EN 13141 standards.


Vort Penta Central Extractor Fan
Air Valve for Vort Penta 30m3/HR
80mm Fixed Ceiling Grill for MEV Penta Fan
125mm Fixed Ceiling Grill for MEV Penta Fan.
PVC Flexible Hose 82mm dia, 15 Metres (Netted)
PVC Flexible Hose 133mm dia, 15 Metres (Netted)
125mm -100mm reducer
100mm - 80 mm reducer


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User Manual

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