Controllers & Environmental Sensors

Vario Speed Controllers

12943 CR5. 5 Speed Controller, On/Off. Reversible. Can be used to regulate more than one fan. Maximum load 100w. Only suitable for Vario Range.

CA/Lineo Environmental Sensors

12966 Electronic Speed Controller 1.5A. For models 100 Q V0 to 200 V0 inclusive.

12967 Electronic Speed Controller 2.5A. For models 250 V0 and 315 V0.

MSC3 Electronic Speed Controller 3A.

Vario & Lineo CA/Lineo Environmental Sensors

12994 Humidity Sensor. Measures ambient relative humidity (R.H.), and starts the fan when the R.H. exceeds 65%. The sensor can also be wired to allow the unit to be switched on when the R.H. is below 65%, and incorporates an over-run timer. (adjustable between 3 and 20 minutes).

12998 PIR-Movement Detector. Detects the presence of a moving body within its sensor range, and starts the fan automatically. The built-in over-run timer can be adjusted between 3 and 20mins

12999 Timer. Adjustable overrun timer (adjustable between 3 – 20 mins).

12992 Temperature Sensor. Measures ambient room temperature, and starts the fan when the temperature exceeds the present value. Once the temperature drops below the present value (adjustable between 10° and 40°C), the unit will over-run for between 3 and 20 minutes (dependent on setting).


CR5, 5 Speed Controller, On / Off. Reversible for Vario Range ONLY.
Electronic Speed Controller Non Reversible 1.5A. For models 100 Q V0 to 200 V0 inclusive.
Electronic Speed Controller Non Reversible. 2.5A for CA / Lineo Range
Speed Controller 3 Amp 1 Phase
Humidity Sensor 3.0A.
PIR-Movement Detector 3.0A.
Adjustable Overrun Timer 3-20mins 3.0A.
Temperature Sensor 3.0A.


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