HRW Mono Heat Recovery Units

HRW Mono Heat Recovery - Location Image

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) is designed to create a simple but efficient indoor ventilation system. The primary purpose is to ensure comfortable living conditions and a healthy environment that is vital for our well being.

HRW Mono Decentralised Heat Recovery Units are ideal for residential ventilation applications where elegant aesthetics and low noise levels are required .


  • Small indoor dimensions (240 x 224 x 95 mm version equipped with on-board commands, 240 x 224 x 64 mm version controlled through wired control box).
  • Five airflows comprehended in the range between 10 m3/h and 38 m3/h, to allow the best compromise among performances, consumptions and noise emissions.
  • Very low consumptions (≤ 2 W when running at Min speed, ≤ 5 W when at Max speed), compatible with continuous operation.
  • Low noise levels (16 dB(A) at Min speed according to DIN 52210-6), compatible. with use in studies, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.
  • High values of heat transfer efficiency (90% at minimum. flow rate according to EN 308), to grant the comfort of users.
  • Easy to install, set and use.
  • No need to install systems for removal of condensate.
  • Wired control box integrating the power supply (no external device needed), allowing switching on/off and selection of operating mode.
  • Up to 4 products can be wired simultaneously to 1 controller.


Vort HRW 20 Mono. Decentralised Heat Recovery Unit.
Vort HRW 20 Mono RC. Decentralised Heat Recovery Unit.
Vort HRW RC. Can control up to 4 units.


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