CA VO In-Line Duct Fans

The CA VO In-Line Duct Fans are in-line centrifugal fans with self extinguishing VO plastic, provide intermittent and continuous ventilation in ducted applications in commercial and industrial premises such as shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, gyms, sports clubs, schools, offices and much more. IPX4 Protection.


  • 5 model sizes stocked – 102mm/4”, 150mm/6”, 200mm/8”, 250mm/10”, 300mm/12”
  • Ball bearing motors for long life
  • External rotor motor and thermal protection
  • Dual speed for silent and boost operation
  • Speed adjustable using optional controller
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Self-extinguishing V0 Plastic
  • IPX4 splash proof protection on all models
  • IMQ data label ensures data and performance is third party certified
  • Conforms to international standards: CEI EN 61 – 28 standards


4" CA100VO In Line Duct Fan 2 Speed.
6" CA150VO In Line Duct Fan 2 Speed.
8" CA200NVO Q In Line Duct Fan.
8" CA200NVO In Line Duct Fan.
10" CA250NVO In Line Duct Fan.
12" CA315NVO In Line Duct Fan.


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User Manual

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