Varma Infrared Heaters

Varma Infrared Heaters are wall mounted and suitable for total or supplementary heating of premises or zones. They are primarily used indoors in warehouses, churches or trade counters but can be used outdoors, for example in leisure areas that are protected from the weather.


  • 2 Models 2KW, 4KW and 4KW vertical mounted
  • Energy efficient low energy costs
  • Draught and Noise free
  • Aluminium reflectors for optimal heat output
  • Can be angled in different positions
  • Robust industrial design
  • Heaters can be controlled with appropriate controller
  • IPX5 Protection
  • Recommended mounting height 2.8m
  • CE Compliant


Varma 200W Infrared Heater IPX5
Varma 2 x 2000W Infrared Heater IPX5
Halogen Lamp for Varma 400 2kw
Halogen Lamp for Varma 400/20X5


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