Radiant Ceiling Heaters Low Temp

E300U Low Temp Radiant Ceiling Panel Heater A3

ATC Low Temperature Radiant Ceiling Panel Heaters provide an economical and draught free means of heating in commercial premises.


  • Two panel sizes 592 mm x 592mm and 1192mm x 592mm
  • Energy efficient low energy costs
  • Draught and Noise free
  • Ceiling mounting allows flexible use of floor and wall space
  • Designed for quick and easy installation to suspended ceilings
  • Bracket supplied for easy mounting onto conventional ceiling
  • Extra safety as personnel have no access to heaters
  • Integral insulation layer ensures that radiant energy is transferred into room
  • Attractive white finish
  • Fully enclosed IP44
  • Recommended mounting height 2.5 to 3m


E300U & E600U Low Temperature Radiant Ceiling Panel Heaters are usually installed in groups or zones. There are a number of control options:

CIRT REGULATOR / CONTROLLER. The CIRT is a variable output Regulator with timer, designed for radiant heating and is especially suited for spot and zone heating. The heat output can be regulated between 25% and 100% of the output of the heaters. A built-in timer can be set for periods from 30 minutes to four hours (30mins, 60mins, 120mins and 240mins). Maximum load is 3600watts at 230V.

ERP REGULATOR / CONTROLLER. The ERP is a variable output Regulator that has a built – in temperature sensor to precisely control the energy use in the area to be heated. The temperature can be adjusted by the control knob on the unit. The current is electronically switched by triac without any moving parts and is therefore silent and maintenance free. Maximum load is 3600watts at 230V. The ERP can be used in conjunction with a slave unit (ERPS) to control the heating output in larger areas. Maximum load is 3600watts at 230V.

ERPS SLAVE UNITS. The ERPS slave unit operate in conjunction with the ERP Regulator to control the heating output in larger areas. Maximum load is 3600watts at 230V. Each ERP can control one additional ERPS slave unit.

12998 PIR. The 12988 PIR detects the presence of a moving body within the pre set sensor range and starts the heater. The built-in over run timer can be adjusted between 3mins and 20mins. A
suitably rated contactor is required to operate the PIR which can be obtained from any good electrical wholesaler.

TKS16 THERMOSTAT. The TKS16 Thermostat is an electronically controlled thermostat with an adjustable control knob. Maximum load is 16A

KUR TIME CLOCK. The KUR is a 24hour / 7 day programmable timer which will ensure that the heating system is not energised while the premises are unoccupied (at night or at weekends). It will also ensure that the heating system heats up the area prior to arrival at the premises.


300W Radiant Heating Panel 592x592x30 IP44 c/w bracket
600W Radiant Heating Panel 1192x592x30 IP44 c/w bracket
Variable Output Regulator with delay off timer (230V only)
Electronic Heating Regulator IP20 Max Load 3600w
3600W Slave unit for ERP Heating Regulator (ERP required)
PIR M0vement Detector 3A IP20. Timer 3-20mins
16A Electronic Thermostat c/w external dial
7 Day Digital Time Clock


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