Sun Ray Wi-Fi Control Pack

Save energy and control your Sun Ray Wi-Fi Radiator from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Simply install the Sun Ray Wi-Fi Control Pack and download the APP to control your Sun Ray Radiators from anywhere in the world. You can also measure the electricity consumption in your home or office.


  • Each Wi-Fi Control Pack Contains
    • Sun Ray Gateway
    • Din Rail Meter and Clamp
    • 3 pin plug, USB power adaptor and network cable
  • Each Gateway will control up to 30 heaters
  • Programme single or multiple radiators
  • Simple time, date and program adjustment with the press of a button
Part Code WFEP 
Power Supply 5V DC 500mA Micro USB
Communication Frequency 868Mhz
Connection RJ45 Ethernet
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 22x80x80
Mounting Desktop or wall mounted
Din Rail Meter (included)
Description Single DIN Rail module with 868mhz Communication to Gateway
Power Supply 200-260VAC ~ 50Hz
Consumption 0.9w
Max Current Measurement 0 to 80A <3% Error
Measurement Clamp (included)
Max Cable Size Ø9mm, Max Cross Section 70mm²
Description External Current Transformer (CT) with 3.5mm
cable jack for connection to power meter.


Note: ATC recommends that the Din Rail Meter and Clamp be installed by your electrician

iOS and Android apps available
Android Download:
iOS Download:

The APP will enable you to monitor individual radiator power usage, and room temperature for the last day, week, month or year


ATC Sun Ray Wi-Fi Control Pack (incl Gateway, Din Rail Power Meter & Clamp