Zip ES Instantaneous Water Heater

The Zip ES Instantaneous Water Heater range are in line water heaters, compact with highly energy efficient bare-wire heating system for economic water supply to a single outlet. The innovatively designed appliance heats the water automatically as it flows through, without wasting energy in standby operation. The heating power electronically compensates for variable inlet pressures and temperatures

Outlet temperature factory set to 38°C, but can be installer adjusted between 30°C and 45°C. Stainless steel bare wire heating element for fast heat up. Double pole over-temperature protection. Safe operation without the need for a thermostatic blending valve


  • The ES is designed to provide hot water for handwash in areas where space is limited
  • Heating power controlled electronically for temperature stabilisation
  • Outlet temperature can be preset inside the unit between 30˚C and 45˚C (factory set at 38˚C)
  • Flow adjustment control, preset for a temperature increase of 25k
  • Stainless steel bare-wire heating system for very quick response
  • Double pole thermal cut-out protection
  • Choice of special kits available complete with heater, tap and fittings
  • Supplied with 700mm of pre-wired cable
  • Easy to install with improved wall bracket
  • WRAS approval and CE endorsed
  • Warranty One-year on site parts and labour



  • The appliance must be installed in a frost free environment. Zip ES products comply with IP24 and may be installed in zone 1.
  • The unit should be installed as close as possible to the outlet to avoid heat loss.


  • The appliance is intended for connection to the mains water supply.
  • It should be installed by a suitably qualified person.
  • The appliance may be used as an unvented installation or as a vented installation.


  • The appliance must be earthed and connected to the mains supply by means of permanent wiring through suitable isolation having a contact seperation of 3mm in all poles and may only be operated if measures have been taken to protect against shock-hazard voltages.
  • Installation must be installed in accordance with current IEE regulations.

Instantaneous water heating is the most efficient available, however, delivered water temperature is dependent on local incoming water temperature and supply voltage. Quoted performance assumes 12°C incoming water temperature and 230V supply.

If a non-return valve is necessary for installation it must be installed in the hot water outlet line and must NOT be fitted in the cold inlet line before the appliance.



Zip InLine Instantaneous Water Heater. Energy Efficient 2.8KW.
Zip InLine Instantaneous Water Heater. Energy Efficient 4.4KW.
Zip InLine Instantaneous Water Heater. Energy Efficient 5.5KW.


Dual Non Concussive taps for use with ES3, ES4, ES6
Monoblock Mixer tap for use with ES3, ES4, ES6
Flow Restrictor for ES Range


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