Zip Hydroboil Water Boilers

Zip Hydroboil Water Boilers are thermostatically controlled, twin chamber technology with stainless steel boiling tank. Premium insulation and chrome catering style tap. Available in sizes from 1.5 to 40.0 litres. White or stainless steel finishes.


  • Boiling water instantly for tea, coffee, cooking
  • Designed to operate within 1°C of boiling point
  • Pull down classic tap for precision filling of cups, locks ‘ON’ for filling pots
  • Top and bottom access ports provide easy total access
  • Choice of stainless steel or white enameled steel case
  • WRAS and CE endorsed
  • Warranty: 2 years on site parts and labour


  • Twin chamber instant boiling water heater
  • Provides water within 1°C of boiling point
  • Separates the cold water supply from the boiling chamber
  • Internal condensing system retains steam within the heater
  • Stainless steel boiling chamber with service access ports top and bottom
  • Temperature controls automatically cut off the power in the event of temperature control failure, boil dry cut-out or a blocked vent pipe
  • High temperature thermal insulation with provision for service access to the boiling chamber
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Tap is cool to the touch when dispensing boiling water
  • Ready-to-use status indicator and filter replacement status (if filter fitted) indicator
  • Concealed plumbing and electrical connections



  • Zip Hydroboil Water Boilers must be installed by a suitably qualified contractor in accordance with the instructions supplied.


  • Should be installed over a draining board, or over a work top fitted with a drip tray – tap spout should be no higher than necessary to fill large pots.
  • Minimum tap height above draining board for on-wall maintenance is 200mm.
  • Leave minimum clearance of 150mm above, 65mm left and 20mm right.
  • Hanging and fixing screws supplied with wall plugs.


  • Designed for direct connection to a potable cold water supply with a minimum pressure of 1 bar and a maximum pressure of 7 bar.
  • A pressure reducing valve must be installed if water supply pressure is likely to exceed 7 bar.
  • An isolating valve should be installed between the water supply and the heater.
  • For concealed plumbing connections, connect inlet and vent pipes from the rear via 15 mm capillary elbows.
  • For exposed plumbing connections, connect inlet and vent pipes from the bottom directly to 15mm compression fittings with nuts and olives provided.


  • The vent must discharge to a safe visible position as, under certain conditions, the vent may discharge cold or boiling water and/or steam.
  • The vent pipe outlet must be connected via a tundish to a 15mm copper vent pipe which has a continuous fall, is no more than 3 metres long and has no more than 3 right angle bends.
  • The bug screen supplied must be fitted to the end of the vent tube.


  • To be wired to a double pole fused spur, minimum break rating of 13 amp.
  • For concealed electrical connection, connect a fixed or flexible cable from the rear directly to the terminal block.
  • HS140/HS040 should be provided with their own dedicated supply.
  • Installation must comply with current IEE regulations.

In some hard water areas where mineral scale accumulation can become a problem, consideration should be given to the maintenance required


Zip Hydroboil Wall Mounted White Stove Enamel 3 Litre 18 cups*
Zip Hydroboil Wall Mounted White Stove Enamel 5 Litre 30 cups*
Zip Hydroboil Wall Mounted White Stove Enamel 7.5 Litre 45 cups*
Zip Hydroboil Wall Mounted White Stove Enamel 10 Litre 60 cups*
Zip Hydroboil Wall Mounted White Stove Enamel 15 Litre 90 cups*
Zip Hydroboil Wall Mounted White Stove Enamel 25 Litre 150 cups*
Zip Hydroboil Wall Mounted White Stove Enamel 40 Litre 240 cups*
* Standard Cup Size 167ml


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User Manual

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