ATC Ecosun Underfloor Heating Mats

ATC Ecosun Underfloor Heating Mats

ATC Electric Underfloor heating provides a very comfortable, efficient and economical addition or alternative to standard heating systems.

Because it is installed under the floor, the walls in the room are now free and therefore it is much easier to furnish. ATC electric underfloor heating is especially suitable for refurbished floors and new floor projects. It adds a fabulous feel of comfort and warmth to bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories or any general living area where ceramic or stone tiles are laid.

Energy Efficient

By using electric underfloor heating in conjunction with the ATC thermostats it should be possible to reduce the average room temperature by about 2˚C and still retain the same level of comfort. Our thermostats are easy to Install, Program and Simple to control. They are accurate to 0.4˚C and offer the best opportunity in reducing energy costs.

Healthy Option

Electric underfloor heating creates a healthy and comfortable environment. There is no air movement and therefore no travelling dust particles. This greatly benefits those who suffer from asthma.

Maintenance Free

Once the ATC electric underfloor heating is installed and tested as per the installation guidelines, the system is maintenance free.

Product Features
  • Heating load is 160w/m2
  • 15 Mat sizes to suit various applications
  • Mat sizes from 0.5M2 through to 16.25M2
  • Mats can be joined together at the thermostat
  • Ideal for direct heating applications
  • Easy to install single end connection
  • Digital or electronic thermostats for simple and accurate control
  • Minimises dust and air movement
  • Frees up wall space
  • Completely safe
  • Maintenance free
  • 10 year warranty

A wide range of Heating Controls for ATC Underfloor Heating Mats are available:

HeatStat Room Thermostat & Underfloor Heating Stat

The HeatStat can operate as a stand-alone room thermostat with touch sensitive controls and innovative features. It provides two options for the installer as it can also operate as an electric underfloor heating thermostat as it is supplied with a floor probe.

It is factory set to measure floor temperature a small change to the settings at time of installation and the HeatStat can be used as a room thermostat.

Download HeatStat Manual here


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