Case Study:

Belmayne Educate Together National School


Client Requirements

Belmayne Educate Together National School first opened its doors in September 2008. From humble beginnings with two staff members and a temporary building, this organisation has grown from strength to strength and currently has an enrolment of almost 450 students.  Like all other educational facilities in the Country, Belmayne ETNS is working hard to reopen their classrooms in the coming weeks. In preparation, they have implemented a number of hygiene measures aimed at protecting their staff and students, including an upgrade to their hand dryers.


Product Criteria

  • EHEPA Filter which eliminates 99% of bacteria particles
  • Energy efficient hand dryer for school toilets
  • Fast drying time
  • Low Noise Level so as not to interrupt classes while also protecting student’s ears
  • Minimum maintenance by school staff required

Product Evaluated & Chosen

45 Tiger Eco High Speed Hand Dryers