Case Study:

Mallow Street Apartments, Limerick


I am delighted with the heat from these heaters and also how easy they are to set up, also the landlord mode in these heaters is a huge bonus, I found ATC a pleasure to work with as they carried out the initial spec, demo and also returned to programme the heaters and provide all tenants with a demo and quick start troubleshoot guide, I would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing a similar project to strongly consider using the ATC heaters.

Donal Hoare, Client

Client Requirements

Limerick-based electrical contractor Mark Fox contacted local wholesaler Trade Electric Limerick to see if they could recommend a heating system to 12 apartments that were being renovated by client Donal Hoare.

They suggested that local ATC Area Manger carry out a heating spec and demo for the client in question. Upon demonstrating the ATC Sunray RF energy-efficient heater, he was happy to place an order for the electric thermal radiators.

Product Criteria

  • Controllability – the heaters had to be simple for tenants to use and accurately controlled
  • Energy-efficiency 
  • Wifi-enabled for easy of controllability and also to suit the demographic of tenant
  • Straight-forward installation

Product Evaluated & Chosen

The Sunray RF Thermal Electric Heater met all of the criteria for the client and they selected 30 x ATC Sunray RF Electric Thermal Radiators.