ATC offers a wide range of products to suit the Hospitality Industry. From Energy Efficient Heating, High Speed Hand Dryers, Outdoor Heaters to Hand Sanitiser Dispensers, our Products have been installed in numerous locations such as Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Pubs.

High Speed Hand Dryers:

ATC’s range of High Speed Hand Dryers have low running costs and dry hands in seconds. Our Hand Dryers offer significant cost savings compared to traditional hand dryers and paper towels. With 5 models, in a variety of colours to choose from, ATC’s Hand Dryers are the perfect solution for any washroom area, whether low, medium or high usage. Our Hand Dryers ensure the health and safety of users eliminating slip hazards, mess and water spillages.

Thermal Electric Radiators:

ATC offers a comprehensive range of Oil Filled Thermal Electric Radiators. The Lifestyle, Sun Ray RF and Neptune Ranges are the ideal heating solution for any area. Stylish and modern in design, these Radiators are energy efficient and easy to operate and install. Eco-Design Compliant, our Radiators use Smart Technology to offer the highest level of comfort and economy to the end-user.

Under Floor Heating:

ATC’s Eco Underfloor Heating Mats provide a comfortable, efficient and economical alternative to standard heating systems. Installed under the floor to maximise the use of wall space, this has proven to be a popular solution for many Hotels across the UK and Ireland.

Mirror Demisters:

Eliminate steamed up mirrors with ATC’s Mirror Demister Range. Available in 4 sizes, these Mirror Demisters are a simple, efficient, ultra slim heating pad that fits inconspicuously behind most bathroom mirrors. Once fitted, the mirror will never steam up.

Electric Towel Radiators:

The ATC Pacific Electric Towel Radiators are modern in design and aesthetically pleasing. Manufactured with carbon steel ensuring high quality and product longevity, ATC guarantees a 5 year warranty on these Radiators. Available in nearly 200 RAL Colours, there is a Towel Radiator to suit every location and design.

Outdoor Heating:

In 2007 the smoking ban was introduced and with it many pubs, bars and restaurants explored the options available to them leading to a growth in the number of seating areas available.  Fast forward to 2020 and a very different world, the outdoor areas for those trading in hospitality have become a particularly important area of their business.  ATC noting a growth in demand for Outdoor Heaters extended the range with several options now available, the Al Fresco which has been a firm favourite for some time now comes in a portable verson. We’ve also introduced a Sienna and Quartz range, ensuring that there is an option for every location. 

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers:

This year ATC introduced a number of new products, amongst them was the Dahla Hand Sanitiser Dispenser which comes with an optional Stand and has proved to be exceptionally popular amongst the hospitality sector.  Durable, automation ‘no touch’, height adjustable and it stylish too it’s proven quite popular in hotels, bars and restaurants across Ireland and the UK.