ATC works closely with Contractors and Wholesalers to create comprehensive and professional drawing plans for new builds and refurbishments.

We provide a number of different product ranges. From High Speed Hand Dryers to a variety of space heating options, ATC are a top choice for Manufacturing Operations, Warehouses and Offices.

High Speed Hand Dryers:

ATC’s range of High Speed Hand Dryers have low running costs and dry hands in seconds. Our Hand Dryers offer significant cost savings compared to traditional hand dryers and paper towels. With 5 models, in a variety of colours to choose from, ATC’s Hand Dryers are the perfect solution for any washroom area, whether low, medium or high usage. Our Hand Dryers ensure the health and safety of users eliminating slip hazards, mess and water spillages.

Water Heaters:

ATC Under Sink Water Heaters are compact in design and for point of use applications. These unvented under sink water heaters are the ideal solution for supplying a number of sinks without the need for a special tap. This can prove more cost effective than installing a traditional vented system which makes them ideal for Offices, Warehouses, Canteens, Mobile Homes, Apartments and Work Shops.

Thermal Electric Radiators:

ATC offers a comprehensive range of Oil Filled Thermal Electric Radiators. The Lifestyle, Sun Ray RF and Neptune Ranges are the ideal heating solution for any area. Stylish and modern in design, these Radiators are energy efficient and easy to operate and install. Eco-Design Compliant, our Radiators use Smart Technology to offer the highest level of comfort and economy to the end-user.

Radiant Ceiling Heaters:

Ecosun High and Low Temperature Radiant Ceiling Heaters provide an economical, draught and noise-free means of heating in Commercial Premises. There are a number of Control Options available, including analogue, digital and wifi solutions. ATC’s comprehensive Heating Design Service uses simple sketches and dimensions to create professional drawing plans and quotations.

Varma Radiant Heaters:

ATC Varma Infrared Heaters are ideal for zone heating, not just outdoors in Bars and Restaurants but also indoors in Warehouses and open plan areas. Draught and Noise-free, these heaters are available in single units or double units, both vertical and horizontal and can be angled in different positions.