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Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden


atc Panther High Speed Hand Dryers.

  • Date: 2018
  • Client: Kylemore Abbey
  • Project Type: Refurbishment

Client Requirements

Rich in history, the story of Kylemore Abbey is a truly remarkable one that spans over 150 years of tragedy, romance, education and spirituality.

Designed by Irish architect James Franklin Fuller, Kylemore boasted all the innovations of the Victorian Age. Famous occupants of the Abbey include Mitchell & Margaret Henry, The Duke & Duchess of Manchester and more recently the Benedictine Nuns. Today, Kylemore Abbey hosts students of Notre Dame University which has become one of their Global Gateways for learning and social exchange. It also welcomes thousands of tourists each year as one of Ireland’s top attractions.

As part of a recent refurbishment, the Abbey’s Caretakers required a high performing and energy efficient Hand Dryer. 

Product Criteria:

  • High performance automatic Hand Dryers for medium to high usage location
  • Low Running Costs with minimal maintenance required
  • Long Life Hand Dryers with a 5 Year Warranty

Product Evaluated and Chosen:

The atc Panther High Speed Hand Dryers were evaluated and chosen based on their capability and aesthetics. These low wattage yet high speed Hand Dryers have provided significant savings with their low running costs.

They are also ideal for high use locations such as this with thousands of visitors annually.  The Panther has proved to be an efficient and powerful addition, drying hands in just 12-15 seconds. 

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