Air Curtains are specially developed machines/units which function as a door would where there isn’t one.  These units will protect, retain and separate two areas such as an outdoor and an indoor area which are located side by side.

Inside is protected from outdoor air particles such as: allergens, dust or bugs.  At the same time, they’ll retain your indoor temperatures and prevent heat from escaping.

The separation between these areas is an invisible strong blast of air known as an air curtain.

Are Curtains are commercial machines frequently used in areas with a high footfall, where an open door would be the preference.  Installing an Air Curtain over the door or on the side will create the right environment which permits an open-door policy for businesses in sectors such as retail, hospitality, industry so that employees and customers have the correct environment.


Air Curtains can be adjusted for various applications depending on the entrance style but, ultimately they come in three types:


  1. Ambient Air Curtain – the unit creates a barrier with ambient air and requires only a single-phase power supply.
  2. Electric Air Curtain – a unit that creates ambient or warm barrier, comes with integrated heating elements so that as your customers and employees pass through the entrance they’re comfortably greeted with an appropriately warm environment. This type of unit requires three phase power supply.
  3. LPHW – Low Pressure Hot Water, water fed system units which can be connected to an existing water fed system in order to reduce electricity consumption while providing a suitable warm air barrier. This style of unit requires a single-phase power supply.


In order to select the right Air Curtain for your premises you should consider the following;


  1. How the unit is to be used;


  • Location of application: surface-mounted (wall or ceiling) or recessed
  • Height of entrance
  • Width of entrance


  1. The Air Curtain technical requirements;


  • Type of system – ambient, electric or LPHW
  • Is a three-phase power supply available?


Once you’ve measured your doors give ATC a call and our Technical Department will be happy to advise which is the right unit for you.


Bear in mind Air Curtains are quite different from Over Door Heaters, stay tuned for further blog posts covering these heaters on our website and upcoming newsletters.