With rising oil prices and obsolete storage heating, more and more people are turning to Electric Radiators as a heating solution.

But just how much will this affect your Electricity Bill?

The days of expensive heating and drying are gone, thanks to the atc Lifestyle Thermal Electric Radiator. So, how do I calculate how much this heating will cost?

Step 1: check the unit price on your current electricity bill.

Step 2: calculate your hourly consumption by multiplying your unit price with the power rating of the Lifestyle. For example the LS1500 uses 1.5kW per hour.

€0.1672 x 1.5 = €0.25 per hour

And the atc Lifestyle can actually save you even more money!

Thanks to its advanced integrated thermostatic controller, the Lifestyle Radiator measures room temperature and switches the unit on and off in order to maintain the desired pre-set temperature. So the Radiator will work fully for the first hour to heat up the room, but every subsequent hour it will consume 50% less electricity due to this Smart Technology.


You have just arrived home from work and your heating will come on from 6pm to 10pm.

Unit price: €0.25 per hour

Consumption: (€0.25 x 1 hour) + (€0.25 – 50% x 3 hours)

Total Consumption for 4 hours heating = €0.63

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