Did you know that having proper ventilation systems in place in the home is essential, particularly in the winter months?

Over the cold winter period, the air in your home carries more water vapour than the colder air outside. Activities within the home such as cooking, showering, or doing the laundry further contribute to the water vapour levels inside your home. 

According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI),
“This vapour passes through ceilings, insulation and wood, moving into your attic space where it can readily condense into liquid water on the cooler structural members-rafter, trusses, and especially the cold roof sheathing.”


To address this issue, the SEAI requires that ventilation is in accordance with chapter 10 of the National Standards Authority of Ireland’s Code of Practice for the energy efficient retrofit of dwellings. 

Download the report for further information.

Benefits of ventilation in the home include:

  • Reducing harmful pollutants through the circulation of fresh air
  • Reduces the risk of carbon monoxide production
  • Reduces radon accumulation
  • Minimises the risk of condensation