Classrooms around the country have come under the spotlight recently with the Department of Education who are spending a significant sum providing better ventilation for classrooms including providing schools with CO2 sensors.

Research has suggested that poor light levels, the wrong temperatures, humidity, air pollution and CO2 can all impair learning. More importantly studies have suggested that high rates of carbon dioxide are known to cause drowsiness, loss of concentration and headaches.

VORTICE’S long established Vario fan, which has been a popular choice due to its ease and variety of installation options, can be used with a variety of sensors including a CO2 sensor which ensures the fan extracts appropriately to deal with the amount of CO2 within the room – a hot topic at the moment especially in school environments.

Vario is a reversible axial fan, providing fresh air into the building or extracting the stale air. The units come comes in 6”, 9” and 12” sizes, with a series of installation options, making it popular among specifiers and contractors.  Other than CO2 the fans can be controlled by a series of sensors such as PIR, humidity sensor and temperature. 

“Ventilation is a key factor for reducing the spread of Covid-19 in buildings and other enclosed spaces, such as vehicles. It helps to remove the virus from the air, thereby lowering the risk of airborne transmission.”

-Prof John Wenger is Professor of Chemistry at the School of Chemistry and the Environmental Research Institute at UCC


One of Ireland’s leading academic institutes, the University of Limerick have installed a number of these Vario fans in classrooms and lecture halls, to improve air quality and the health & safety of staff and students alike.

For more information on the Vario Fan or to view the University of Limerick Case Study, please follow this link: