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As technology is advancing, the more advancements have been made. What used be an impossibility now has a solution and with modern day technology it applies to every aspect of our daily life including Space Heating.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators is set not to exceed 43 °C making the unit safe to touch. This type of heater is ideal to use in areas where you require increased level of safety i.e. crèches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc. Historically this was achieved by physically covering units or limiting the access to the unit, which required more work, more space and more maintenance.  Now we developed units that can achieve this, simply by changing the setting on electric space heater.

Electric space heater simply reduces the power output to the level which will make the unit safe to touch as the temperature will not exceed 43 °C. The Units power output will be reduced to 25% and unit will emit less heat into the environment.  As the unit operates on 25% of the power the rooms with LST requirement will require more heaters in order to achieve standard room temperature. Proper amount of electric heaters in the room is calculated by required energy to heat up the room to standard room temperature, so if the unit will work in LST mode the amount of energy stays the same but the amount of units needed is increased by 4 times more in order to keep the same level or energy used to heat up to standard room temperature (21 °C).

One of our most popular options in this range is the award-winning Sun Ray RF, you can learn more about it here.

Talk to your local ATC Stockist if you’d like to learn more about low surface temperature radiators.