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Do HEPA Filters filter out the Covid-19 virus?


The short answer is no, we don’t have any direct research to verify if a HEPA air purifier reduces transmission of Covid-19.  However, according to Professor Jeffrey Siegal at the University of Toronto, “we can infer what we know from similar viruses, like SARS, there is reason to believe air purifiers might help in some situations”.

A HEPA Filter has a filtration rating that captures microbes, dust and particulates down to 0.3 microns. Covid-19 is approximately 0.125 microns or 125 nonometers in diameter.  However, it often travels in biological aerosols from coughing and sneezing which range in size from 0.5-3 micron.  These cannot pass through a HEPA Filter.

For example, KN95 or N95 face masks capture 95% of particles down to 0.3 microns. These filter less particles than a HEPA Filter.

When the SARS outbreak of 2003 happened, HEPA Filters were widely used to reduce the concentrations of the SARS virus in the air.  Covid-19 is another version of the SARS virus.

Source: https://necsi.edu/could-air-filtration-reduce-covid19-severity-and-spread

HEPA Filters can only slow the spread of the virus.  The virus is stopped by washing your hands with warm soap and water.  Soap wears away at the oily, protective layer around Covid-19 which then kills the bacteria.  It is important to thoroughly dry your hands after washing, damp hands spread up to 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands!

Some research has been conducted on how well paper towels can remove bacteria from dry hands against a hand dryer removing bacteria from dry hands.  It is important to note that these tests are not real world tests as people wash their hands before they dry them.

When hands are washed there is no difference in the transmission of germs between hand dryers and paper towels.


The graph shows the average number of bacteria (CFU = Colony Forming Units) present on a single finger before washing (left green and left blue column) and after drying with either paper towels (right green column) or the hand dryer (right blue column).

No significant changes are observed pre-wash and post-dry or between drying with paper towels or with the hand dryer.

Some resources that you may find useful include;

US Department of Health & Human Services – Center For Disease Control ‘Fight Germs, Wash Your Hands’

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