In the latest in our series of posts from the Sales Team here at ATC, this week we’re looking at Air Curtains, an option available in the Irish market.

The most common question that we’re asked is ‘What is an Air Curtain and What makes it different to your Over door Heaters?’

It’s a simple explanation but so many people think that are the same heater.

Overdoor Heaters are generally 3 Kw heaters with much lesser flow air than Air Curtains. They do create a warm entrance to a door way, however they don’t create a barrier like Air Curtains do. The Air Flow of an Air Curtain can be in some cases ten times the flow rate of Over Door heaters.

This is why Site meetings are important as there are so many factors to be to be considered when choosing the correct Air Curtain for the application.

  • Does the client have a Three Phase Supply?
  • What is the position of the air curtain in the Area of the Shop/ Hotel/Building?
  • What are your customers’ expectations of the Unit?
  • Are they aware that we offer the Air Curtains in a RAL Finish?
  • LPHW, Ambient or Electric
  • Surfaced or recessed options

Below are some explanations of what the air curtain should do for you.

ATC have been involved in some prestigious projects over the years, this is due to our work with the Consultants and the Contractors who choose to use the ATC brand.

You can view the ATC range at the following locations.

  • Dublin Airport 150+ Air Curtains installed in Terminal 2, from the Vertical units installed at the entrance to the building to the Horizontal units installed in the baggage area.

  • Café En Sene is located on Dawson Street in Dublin. In 2018 the building underwent a major renovation. ATC met the consultants and The Designer PHV Range was chosen. The client also wanted a RAL colour on the curtains as this colour was being used on the door frames and door handles. Eight Air Curtains was used on this project.

  • Copper Face Jacks – Six PHV Air Curtains were used on this Project. All Air Curtains were painted Black. They are used throughout the lower ground Floor.

  • Trinity Hotel – in 2019 ATC was contacted by the Electrical Contractor working on behalf of the Trinity Hotel. Once a survey was carried out the client wanted to view the ATC range. A number of reference sites was given to the client around the Dublin area. A Designer PHV Curtain was chosen.

You can find out more information on the range of Air Curtains we have here on our website at . Our Area Sales Managers and the Sales Team at our Dublin Head Office are also available to discuss any queries you may have in relation to options that would suit your project.