ATC Underfloor Heating Smart Controls

ATC Electric Underfloor heating provides a very comfortable, efficient and economical addition or alternative to standard heating systems.

ATC’s Smart Heating Controls use the latest technology to give greater controllability and efficiency:

HeatStat Room Thermostat & Underfloor Heating Stat

The HeatStat can operate as a stand-alone room thermostat with touch sensitive controls and innovative features. It provides two options for the installer as it can also operate as an electric underfloor heating thermostat as it is supplied with a floor probe.

It is factory set to measure floor temperature; a small change to the settings at time of installation.

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ATC Digital Thermostat ICD3-1999

The ICD3 digital thermostat for electrical underfloor heating has a built-in 4 event timer, factory set for immediate operation after installation. It is an easy to use thermostat and the pre set program can be changed to suit individual needs in seconds.

The thermostat can control a power load up to 3600W, 16A and the heating output is switched on and off with a differential of only 0.4˚C. This clock thermostat has a built-in room sensor and floor limit sensor.

The new, modern design is attractive for all applications. It has a graphical backlit display for ease of use. This thermostat saves the installer time during installation and provides the end user ease of use and reliability.


ATC Digital Thermostat MCD5-1999

Offering all the benefits of the ICD3 but with an added advantage of a Touch Screen for easy use.


ATC Digital Thermostat MWD5-wifi

The MWD5 is a Wifi enabled Touchscreen Thermostat with built-in room sensor up to 22m². See our Smart Technology Tab for further information.


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