Case Study:

University of Limerick


Client Requirements

In order to prepare for a return of students to the classroom, the University of Limerick researched suitable ventilation options to improve the air quality in their buildings, as well as keep staff and students safe. In conjunction with their electrical contractors and their local wholesaler, UL chose the Vortice Vario AR LL S range of mechanical fans.

These fans are all operated via microwave sensors within the lecture halls providing adequate ventilation and the required air changes within the rooms.

The fans were colour coded to match the exact RAL of the external windows and frames to blend in seamlessly with the external façade.

Product Criteria

  • Improved air quality and better H&S for staff and students
  • Easy to install solution
  • Low noise levels to avoid classroom interruptions
  • Leading technology from a Global Partner with a proven track record in Ventilation

Product Evaluated & Chosen

40 x 9″ & 12″ Vortice Vario fans