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Courts Service


Courts Service Ireland

Client Requirements:

Established as an Independent Corporate Organisation, the Courts Service manages the Courts in Ireland, providing support to all users of the Court, including Judges, Legal Professionals and members of the Public.

A recent tender sought applications for Hand Dryers and Air Curtains for new courthouse developments in Drogheda, Letterkenny, Limerick and Wexford, as well as the refurbishment and extension works to existing courthouses in Cork, Mullingar and Waterford .

Product Criteria:

  • High performance automatic Hand Dryers for medium usage locations
  • An energy efficient alternative to conventional Hand Dryers and Paper Towels
  • Low Running Costs with minimal maintenance required
  • Long Life Hand Dryers with a 5 Year Warranty
  • Air Curtains with high level door protection
  • A discrete solution for modern buildings
  • BMS Compatible

Product Evaluated and Chosen:

The atc Panther High Speed Hand Dryers and PHV Designer Air Curtains were
evaluated and chosen for this project.

The low wattage yet high speed Hand Dryers have provided significant cost savings as well as offering high performance, drying hands in just 12-15 seconds.

The Air Curtains  blend well with their surroundings, offer wind protection and are controlled by the Building Management System.

The improvements in court buildings in city and county town locations will help to achieve efficiencies in  delivering services through the use of  improved facilities and technology.

Year: 2017

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