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Sports & Leisure

ATC offers a wide range of solutions for the Sports & Leisure sector, including gyms, stadia and sports facilities.

Explore our range of electrical solutions:

Keep spaces warm for visitors with the ATC thermal electric radiator range. Smart connected heaters allow controllability via app, with 3 operating modes to keep costs low. Explore the range.

Keep spectators warm with outdoor heaters designed with IP weatherproof rating, easy install, and Bluetooth app & remote controls. Explore the range.

Ensure efficient bathroom facilities with the ATC high speed hand dryer range, drying hands in just 15 seconds. With optional HEPA filters to capture 99.9% of harmful particles. Explore the range.

Ensure warm water for bathroom sinks with the ATC water heater range, available in a range of sizes to suit your space. Explore the range.

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EV Charger

Schletter Brackets & Mounting

ATC Brackets & Mounting

Inverter Accessories

Commercial Inverter

Residential Hybrid Inverters

Residential String Inverters

P-Type Commercial Panel

Guard Pro Ambient Air Curtains

Guard Pro Electric Air Curtains

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Guard Pro Air Curtains Accessories

Guard Air Curtains Accessories

Guard Ambient Air Curtains

Guard Electric Air Curtains

Guard Water Air Curtains

Microline WiFi Thermostat

Nexum RF Smart Thermostat

Angol and Axial K

Vorticel A-E Range

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Merida RF Panel Radiator

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Heated Towel Radiator

Bavaro Downflow Heater

Low Temperature Radiant Heaters

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Heatstat Room Thermostat

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Pacific Water Heater

Instantaneous Water Heater

Bluetooth Heating Controller

Neptune RF
Leinster Rugby
Gaiety Theatre
Dublin Airport
Clayton Hotel
Lloyds Pharmacy
Center Parcs
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