Sun Ray Wi-Fi Radiators:
Danum House










Danum House, Doncaster

Client Requirements:

The developer sought to install an electrical heating system in each apartment that would give the tenant / owner Wi‐Fi controllability. The atc Sun Ray Wi Fi Radiators can provide the Wi‐Fi  controllability through radio frequency (RF) technology. By using this type of technology the broadband strength will not be compromised and will allow the tenant / owner to use their mobile devices to their full capability.

Product Criteria:

  • Energy efficient heating for domestic living
  • Easy for tenant / owner to programme and control through their mobile devices
  • Must provide a comfortable heat output for the living environment
  • Must be aesthetically pleasing and fit in with the modern design of the apartments
  • Long Life Warranty

Product Evaluated and Chosen:

The atc Sun Ray Wi‐Fi Radiators were evaluated and chosen as per the criteria set out above.
The ATC technical team demonstrated the energy efficiency of the Sun Ray Wi‐Fi Radiators to the designers of the project from the specification information issued by the developer. We also demonstrated the easy to use app for programming and controlling the radiators for the tenant/owners comfort.

Year: 2018

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Some of the companies using ATC Energy Efficient Products

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