Case Study:

Kilmovee Church, Co Mayo


A discrete yet appealing floating effect was achieved with grapple wire, black flex and conduit, which were used to suspend these heaters from the ceiling. The visual results exceeded expectations and we are extremely pleased with the heat output and comfort.

Client Requirements

Kilmovee Church required a heating solution to create a comfortable level of heat throughout the church that was energy efficient, within budget and aesthetically pleasing.

A main criteria was for a solution which did not have to be mounted on the walls due to existing wall panelling and benches throughout the location.

ATC carried out a heating survey on site and recommended the S24-Plus High Temperature Radiant Ceiling Heaters as the best way to meet their specifications.


Product Criteria

  • Energy efficient heating for a high ceiling location which is typically draughty 
  • Aesthetically pleasing and discrete heating solution required as it will be in full view of the public
  • Economical heating solution which is easy to control and allows the area to be zoned

Product Evaluated & Chosen

Project consists of : 12 High Temperature 2400w radiant heaters