Rectangular Easi Vent Range

Perfect for residential settings

Rectangular Easi Vent Range

Perfect for residential settings

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Easi Vent Ducting & Accessories: Rectangular

The choice of rectangular systems depends on the air volume and speed at which the air is being expelled. The higher the volume and speed, the bigger the duct needed. For extractor fans or low powered cooked hoods, use Easi Vent 100. For whole house central extract systems or high powered cooker hoods, use Easi Vent 204.

Easi Vent 100

Product CodeDescriptionDimensions
VKC240Flat Channel 1.5m Length110mm x 54mm
VKC297Flat Channel 2m Length110mm x 54mm
VKC235Flat Channel Connector110mm x 54mm
VKC230Flat Channel Clip110mm x 54mm
VKC23890˚ Horizontal Bend110mm x 54mm
VKC229Flexible Bend Horizontal110mm x 54mm
VKC23990˚ Vertical Bend110mm x 54mm
VKC207Short Round to Rectangular Adaptor Male110mm x 54mm
VKC241Short Round Rectangular Adaptor Female110mm x 54mm
VKC237Elbow Bend with Spigot Male 90˚110mm x 54mm
VKC236Elbow Bend with Spigot Male 90˚110mm x 54mm
VKC228T-Piece110mm x 54mm
VKC247Airbrick Adaptor 150mm Spigot110mm x 54mm
VKC704Airbrick Grille Only110mm x 54mm
VKC703Airbrick & Grille110mm x 54mm

Easi Vent 204

Product CodeDescriptionDimensions
VKC5628Flat Channel 1.5m Length204mm x 60mm
VKC5629Flat Channel 2m Length204mm x 60mm
VKC5608Flat Channel Connector204mm x 60mm
VKC5610Flat Channel Clip204mm x 60mm
VKC561645˚ Horizontal Bend204mm x 60mm
VKC560590˚ Horizontal Bend204mm x 60mm
VKC561745˚ Horizontal Bend204mm x 60mm
VKC561290˚ Horizontal Bend204mm x 60mm
VKC5613Round to Rectangular Adaptor Female204mm x 60mm
VKC5625Fixed Elbow Bend 100mm Spigot204mm x 60mm
VKC5645Fixed Elbow Bend 125mm Spigot204mm x 60mm
VKC5606 Rotating Elbow Bend 125mm Spigot204mm x 60mm
VKC5626 Rotating Elbow Bend 150mm Spigot204mm x 60mm
VKC5630T-Piece204mm x 60mm
VKC5631Airbrick & Grille204mm x 60mm

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