Vario Window / Wall Fans

Axial Reversible Supply & Extract Fan

Vario Window / Wall Fans

Axial Reversible Supply & Extract Fan

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Vario Window / Wall Fans

The Vario range of window / wall fans provide intermittent ventilation for shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, gyms, sports clubs, schools, offices and much more. This is a versatile and popular range of fans for through the wall / window applications. The standard range is fitted with bush bearing motors for regular intermittent operations.

Technical Details

  • Axial reversible supply and extract fan (Pullcord versions extract only)
  • Sensors available – see
  • IPX4 Rated
12611Vario 150/6” P180.1065.3235.1
12612Vario 150/6” A R250.1165.3^{†} /41.7^{††}235-150
12613Vario 150/6” A R I250.1161.1^{†} /36.1^{††}220-130
12614Vario 150/6” P-LL-S320.16105.6380
12615Vario 150/6” A R-LL-S350.17105.6^{†} /59.7^{††} 380-215
12616Vario 150/6” A R I-LL-S350.1797.2^{†} /55.6^{††}350-200
12451Vario 230/9” P220.10133479
12452Vario 230/9” A R260.13133^{†} /86^{††}748-310
12453Vario 230/9” A R I260.13125^{†} /83.3^{††}450
12454Vario 230/9” P-LL-S32-380.18194.4700
12455Vario 230/9” A R-LL-S35-400.19194.4^{†} /102.8^{††}700-370
12456Vario 230/9” A R I-LL-S35-400.19188.9^{†} /97.2^{††}680-350
12412Vario 300/12” A R450.21292^{†} /194.4^{††}1051-700
12413Vario 300/12” A R I450.21333.3^{†} /236.1^{††}1200-850
12415Vario 300/12” A R-LL-S75-900.41458.3^{†} /255.6^{††}1650-920
12416Vario 300/12” A R I-LL-S75-900.41486.1^{†} /277.7^{††}1750-1000

Product Accessories

CodeModelFor Model
46516Flexible Duct,10m, 175mm dia6” Varios
46526Flexible Duct,10m, 250mm dia9” Varios
46265Flexible Duct,10m, 305mm dia12” Varios
46617Wall Liner (Galv) - 150/6”, 275mm, 187mm dia-
46618Wall Liner (Galv) - 230/9”, 275mm, 259mm dia-
46619Wall Liner (Galv) - 300/12”, 275mm, 326mm dia-
13018Extension Rods Kit MU-
13001Roof Cowl Kit TE 150/6”-
13002Roof Cowl Kit TE 230/9”-
13003Roof Cowl Kit TE 300/12”-
13015Deep Wall Kit ML 150/6”-
13016Deep Wall Kit ML 230/9”-
13017Deep Wall Kit ML 300/12”-
13012Flush Mount Panel/Ceiling Kit SO 150/6”/230/9”-
13014Flush Mount Panel/Ceiling Kit SO 300/12”-
13027Spigot Plate Kit TC 150/6”-
13028Spigot Plate Kit TC 230/9”-
13029Spigot Plate Kit TC 300/12”-
12941CR5N 5 Speed Controller, reversible, nat. vent**-
12943CR5 5 Speed Controller, reversible**-
12944CREN Electronic Speed Controller, nat. vent**-
20125Vario CO_{2} Sensor-

Window and wall, standard and longlife fans dimensions (mm)

ABCDE Min/Max Window/WallKg

Built-in, standard and longlife fans dimensions (mm)

ABCDHole Through Wall (Min)Kg

Product Code Terminology

P Pullcord
T Timer
A Auto Shutter
LL Long Life
PIR Passive Infrared
HCS Humidity Control System
I Inbuilt (Recessed)
R Reversible
M Metal
E ERP Compliant
Q Quiet
D Dual Speed
TP Timer Programable
ES Energy Saving
V0 Self-Extinguishing Plastic
12V 12V Low Voltage Fan

Relevant Sectors
Leinster Rugby
Gaiety Theatre
Dublin Airport
Clayton Hotel
Lloyds Pharmacy
Center Parcs
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