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The Key To Efficient Outdoor Heating

What is the most important part of heating an outdoor space? Is it aesthetics, or is it comfort heat? These are two significant factors, but without a reliable heating solution, nothing can be enjoyed for around 50% of the year due to colder temperatures that most places endure here in the UK. Some more than others at times. It’s therefore paramount that you get this application right at the first time of asking.

Energy Efficiency

When comparing outdoor heating products, it’s important to get the facts accurate. “Energy efficiency” are the buzz words of the moment and there are many products on the market promising big things in this department. When it comes to efficiency of outdoor heating, there are generally three important factors to consider:

  • the amount of energy a heater consumes
  • the way this relates to how much money it costs to run.
  • Design implementation

There is also the facility to control/manage energy consumption by means of remote control and/or WiFi.

Directional vs Zonal Heating Outdoors

It cannot be said that directional heating is better than zonal heating as each method has its own benefits depending on the area being heated. First, Directional heating does what it says; it heats an area that it’s directed in and will be focussed on a specific area. A zonal heater heats an area of 360° giving a wider or larger application. Directional heating tends to be ‘fixed position’ whereas zonal can be moved dependent upon requirements.
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