Vort Quadro Evo Range

Centrifugal fans for residential use, available in versions for wall/ceiling mounting or recessed installation, compliant with DIN 18017-3 standard, which specifies rticular requirements in terms of performance and fire resistance. Ultra low noise emission levels and high degree of water ingress protection (IP45).

Product Features
  • 1 size, 23 versions, Standard TP – with advanced timer, T-HCS – with timer and relative humidity sensor IR – with motion sensor PIR
  • Design is optimized for surface and ceiling installation, external or recessed installation; nominal exhaust outlet diameter 80mm
  • AC motor with shaft mounted on ball bearings, in 1, 2 or 3 speed versions based on the model. (3 speed levels: 60m3/h, 60/35m3/h, 100/6/35m3/h.)
  • Forward bladed centrifugal impeller, aerodynamically optimized to combine high performance with low energy consumption and reduced noise emissions.
  • Built-in washable filter, easily accessible for maintenance operations. Clogged filter warning device in compliance with the requirements of Reg. ErP N° 1253/2014 EU, Tier 2, effective as of 1.1.2018
  • Wall or recessed installation units can be equipped with fire resistant exhaust valves class K90) and fire resistant recessed installation units (class K90)
  • Enclosure made from self-extinguishing
    plastic resin.
  • Insulation Class II
Key Features
  • Modular design; wide range of versions, able to meet various installation needs and performance requirements, which can be obtained from a limited number of standard devices, to reduce warehouse stock.
  • Top performance, perfectly suitable for installation in the lower floors of tall buildings. Compact, especially in terms of the reduced protrusion from the wall recessed installation versions.
  • Extremely low sound emissions, perfectly compatible with nighttime operation.
  • Low energy consumption, suitable for prolonged use.
  • Advanced electronic controls that are optimized based on needs.
  • Suitable for continuous operation including areas with high air temperatures.
  • High protection, compatible with installation in Zone 1 of bathrooms.
  • High-seal check valves, to prevent the return of unpleasant odours or cold air from outside when not in operation.
  • Wide range of accessories able to satisfy
    a vast range of installation needs.
  • Complying with the requirements of Regulation N° 1253/2016/UE set out by the EUP/ErP Directive, effective starting from 01.01.2018.

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