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What is the Most Hygienic Hand Dryer?

The Evolution of High Speed Hand Dryers

High Speed Hand Dryers have transformed the way modern washrooms operate, replacing paper towels as a more efficient, convenient and hygienic alternative.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s clear that hygiene is now a relevant concern.

What’s the most hygienic hand dryer for your washroom?

We take you through the options below.


High Speed Hand Dryers

At ATC we are committed to developing the most technologically advanced washroom solutions on the market, thanks to our product development team, who are always innovating new models to add to our line.

Currently, we stock six High Speed Hand Dryers to choose from:

  • Tiger ECO
  • Cub
  • Panther
  • Puma
  • Cheetah
  • Premium Blade

We generally suggest choosing a hand dryer based on the footfall of the setting they will be placed in, but sometimes additional criteria need to be considered, such as added hygiene features.

For those who want the most hygienic hand dryer option, we recommend opting for a model which incorporates a HEPA filter.


Choose Hygiene. Choose HEPA.

You can help to fight the transmission of harmful particles through the use of our range of HEPA Filter Hand Dryers.

What is ‘HEPA’?

HEPA stands for ‘High Efficiency Particle Arrestor’, which works to trap tiny particles (up to 0.3 micrometers in diameter) found in the air.

Why They’re Great

ATC HEPA filters capture 99.9% of harmful particles, giving you a seamless, hygienic hand drying experience.


Choose from our range of HEPA filter Hand Dryers:

The Panther

– Suitable for high traffic areas & available in brushed stainless steel


The Tiger ECO

– Suitable for medium traffic areas & available in brushed stainless steel or white

The Premium Blade

– Suitable for areas of high traffic, sleek silver design



You change your coffee filter regularly, right? The same applies to HEPA filters. Make sure to change your HEPA filter every 6 months – those particles add up, and over time reduce the effectiveness of the filter.


A Closer Look

ATC HEPA filters are composed of thin fibres of glass and carbon-activated material. The result is a thick, paperlike material arranged in pleats. Particles passing through the air are trapped within this material.


Did you Know?

The Panther HEPA filter comes complete with an anti-bacterial layer, and stylish stainless steel outer casing for a sleek finish. Simply slide in or out for install and removal!

Talk to our sales team to find out more about our energy efficient products.

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