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What is your CO2 Impact on the Environment?

Carbon Emissions, otherwise known as greenhouse gas emissions, are the main contributors to climate change and global warming. The concerning increases in the burning of fossil fuels directly correlates to the increase of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and in turn the rapid increase of global warming.

Fossil Fuel Combustion

The largest source of carbon dioxide emissions is from the combustion of fossil fuels. This produces 87% of the human carbon dioxide emissions. Burning these fuels releases energy which is most commonly turned into electricity, heat or power for transportation. Some examples of where they are used are in industrial and commercial facilities such as Airports, Factories, Shopping Centre, Offices and smaller locations such as Gyms, Coffee Shops and Restaurants.

What Should Happen?

It is the responsibility of the Management in all commercial and industrial organisations to implement a plan to reduce their annual carbon emissions.

How can ATC Energy Efficient Hand Dryers Help?

ATC provide the widest and most complete range of Energy Efficient Hand Dryers on the market. When you visit a wash room you want to dry your hands quickly and hygienically. We provide all the options; from high usage locations such as Airports, Shopping Centres and Sports Stadia to medium usage in Offices, Hotels and Coffee Shops. Our hand dryers are low noise and provide a range of energy outputs that can be controlled by the facilities personnel.

On pages 19-23 of our Product Catalogue, we demonstrate the energy savings and CO2 emissions of our hand dryers compared to using Conventional Hand Dryers or Paper Towels.
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