Case Study:

Ardeen Cheshire Home, Wicklow


Since installing the ATC Lifestyle Radiators in our care homes, there is a massive improvement in the quality and comfort of heat output. All our residents and their visitors are delighted and we would definitely recommend them.

Client Requirements

The client “Cheshire Ireland” strive on quality care homes provided to residents with disabilities and those in need of respite facilities. Their main focus is the comfort and care of their residents so when upgrading their heating system, they wanted something that would provide a comfortable level of heating that could be timed as needed.

Their Electrical Contractor recommended ATC, having used them in the past to replace old storage heaters and found the quality excellent.

The Area Sales Manager conducted a site visit and our in house technical team drew up a heating specification and design. ATC Lifestyle Thermal Electric Radiators were chosen and installed in 17 care homes.

Product Criteria

  • Energy efficient heating for residential care home
  • Easy for owner to control and time
  • Must provide a comfortable heat output for residents
  • Long life warranty
  • Minimum maintenance required

Product Evaluated & Chosen

46 Lifestyle Electric Thermal Radiators