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Is Electric Heating Expensive to Run?

Electric radiant heating is by far the most effective method to comfortably and efficiently heat your home, office or business premises, both in terms of cost and performance.


Electric Radiant heaters come in many forms to suit your unique setting, including:

  • Radiators
  • Panel Heaters
  • Ceiling Heaters
  • Outdoor Heaters
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Overdoor Heaters
  • … and more

Due to the constantly fluctuating nature of electricity rates (electricity costs are measured in kw/h), as well as other variables such as size of premises and the number of heaters installed, it is difficult to give a general estimate of electric heating costs, as it is essentially unique to your needs.

However, what is certain is that electric heating is a cost-effective choice, particularly over fossil fuels such as gas or coal, and provides users with controllability and energy-saving options to keep your heating costs to an absolute minimum.

We explore these options below.


Use Less Energy & Save Money

Smart Controllability to 0.2˚C

Built-in PID controllers ensure temperature accuracy to 0.2˚C through a control loop feedback method that controls the heating element. With the ATC Smart Range, you can control your electric heaters remotely through the ATC Heating App to ensure heaters are only on when needed, and temperatures are accurate and customisable.

Eliminate Wasted Heat

Open Window Technology enables selected ATC heaters to automatically detect a fall in temperature caused by open windows, suspending any programmed heating to prevent wasting energy. Thus, keeping your heating bills to a minimum!

Customise to your Schedule

Using the Adaptive Start Feature, you can program ATC electric heaters to turn on and heat certain rooms at certain times, to suit your lifestyle or business needs. Simply programme the desired temperature, and the heater will calculate the required time needed to reach that temperature – only turning on in the time needed to reach the programmed temperature.

Landlord Mode

If you are a landlord, hotel owner, or property manager, you can make use of Landlord Mode to limit tenant / guest control of electric heaters. Using this feature, you gain complete control and visibility of each heater remotely – with information on whether heaters are on or off, what setting they are in and how much energy they are using. If needed, you can change settings to ensure best performance at any given time.


Further Benefits – Maintenance & Support

Once your electric heating system is installed, there is little to no maintenance required.

For any questions or issues that do arise, our in-house team of technical experts would be happy to assist you.

Get in touch by email ( or phone (01 467 8301) with your queries.


Explore the Range

ATC provide a range of energy-saving thermal electric heating products, including:


If top-of-the-range, smart heating is what you’re after, look no further!

The ATC Smart range offers sleek, modern radiators that boast energy saving features such as Open Window Technology, Adaptive Start, and PID Intelligent Control.

Control your heating from anywhere by downloading the app to your smart device for on-the-go controllability, scheduling and customisation.

Interested in smart heating?

Choose from the iLifestyle Wi-Fi Radiator, Sun Ray RF RadiatorMerida RF Panel Radiator or the Pacific RF Towel Radiator.



If you’re after a more traditional heating option that offers a modern upgrade on wet systems, then the ATC digital range is for you.

Simple to install, program and operate, and offering boost mode for a seamless heating experience.

Choose from the Almeria ECO Panel Heater or Neptune Low Level Radiator.



Bathrooms can be particularly chilly in winter, due to the fact that they normally don’t have radiators. With some simple changes, you can create an oasis of calm, comfortable warmth.

The most luxurious choice here has got to be Underfloor heating, which offers sublime warmth for tiled floors, and isn’t just restricted to the bathroom if tiles are found in other areas of your home or establishment.

The Bavaro Downflow heater offers pullcord operation for a quick blast of warm air as you enter the bathroom – great for retrofits!

Beat condensation by adding a Mirror Demister sheet to your mirrors – so low in cost but big on impact!

Choose from Underfloor HeatingMirror Demisters, and the Bavaro Downflow Heater.



Covid-19 brought about a lot of change, but the freedom to dine outside is something we can all make use of going forward into the winter months.

Make your outdoor space outdoor dining friendly, whether you are a commercial establishment, bar, restaurant, or a homeowner.

Interested in outdoor heating? Choose from three styles: AlfrescoRiviera or Sienna.



Upgrade your office, warehouse, showroom or commercial premises of any description with radiant ceiling heaters, air curtains, or overdoor heaters.

Both staff and visitors alike will relish the warmth and comfort your surroundings provide!

Choose from Low or High Temperature Ceiling Heaters or the Welcome Overdoor Heater.



Gain seamless control of your heating with our range of thermostats and controllers. We have several to choose from, which are compatible with both ATC products and your existing heating products.

Bluetooth Heating Controller
An infra-red controller for your outdoor heaters, which can be controlled via remote, or Bluetooth app.

HeatStat Digital Thermostat
A digital thermostat with a sleek LCD screen and touch sensitive buttons that comes with a floor probe to allow controllability of your underfloor heating.


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