To ensure the most energy efficient and comfortable method of heating an area or space, it is important that a number of criteria are taken into consideration;

  • Room dimensions, glazed
  • Areas, insulation levels and heat levels in adjacent areas.
  • Our dedicated Heating Design Team provides a full heating design and heat loss calculation to determine the correct solution for your building.

Send your CAD drawing or simple sketches and dimensions to technical@atc.ie

From this drawing we will:

• Calculate the area and volume of each space

• Determine the amount of energy required to heat the area.

• Confirm the type and amount of heaters that should be installed

• Provide a Heating Consumption Cost Analysis showing approximate annual costs.

If you’d like to learn more about the ATC Heating Design Service, get in touch with our Technical Department technical@atc.ie as above or contact your local ATC Area Sales Manager.